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Torbay and District Deaf Society, Charity number: 202387

Torbay Deaf Social Club 
Torbay Deaf Social Club
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We are a social club for deaf and hearing people (they are welcome to practice BSL).

We offer social, sporting and Christian activities within the club.

Our club is in Abbey Hall on the first floor. We have a wheelchair ramp to go up the front door, and a chair lift to the first floor

Social Club

We offer relaxed atmosphere in our large club room equipped with a bar and canteen.

We have a large flat screen television, play bingo and various other activities.


We have our own sports room where we play various sports such as darts, table tennis, skittles, etc. We also have a snooker room with a snooker table, and there is a pool table in the main room. We are in the hearing league for skittles and play matches weekly.


On the top floor we have a chapel of St. Bedes and we hold services once a month.

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